Monday, February 9, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Oh the bug hit and hit hard. The sun came out after the rain and I was even beginning to imagine getting out to rake up those long forgotten piles of leaves... too slushy yet though.

What's that? The Art Center? Yes well, Mira was excited, but somewhere on the way home from school drop-offs her tummy started to feel funny and she looked a bit greyish. So I decided to play it safe. We'll try again later in the week. We snuggled and read and she was very quiet all morning.

Now she's napping.
While Sarah is home, available for dress-up and Barbies and dollhouses.
SO not Mira.

Skating just called. Cancelled, make-ups next week. Too melty today. Lucky for Mira.

Someone (a very nice person who carries wood in so I can enjoy nice fires in the evenings) dropped the wood bag at the back door a week or so back. A whole winters worth of wood bits and dirt right on the rug and in between the pile of shoes and boots and muck that was already there. Not a quick sweep-up job, you know? So today I cleaned the back entryway and basement stairs, washed the rug and put away 80% of the shoe pile. Then I washed down the kitchen walls, cabinets and baseboards before doing the floor. Think I'll run the oven clean tomorrow and have DH move the fridge and stove this weekend. Bathrooms were next. Then I vacuumed and oil-soaped most of the wood floors. Oh does it look nice. No more winter dirt travelling from room to room. I usually don't catch this bug until just before Palm Sunday, so I'm WAY ahead.

Now if only the inside of my car looked this good...

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