Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Break

Taking a quick break while the girls (yes, all of them) watch some Blue's Clues before heading off to the ENT and softball practice. We've had some wonderful days so far, making cat cookies to celebrate Silvara & Horatio's 1st Birthday, visiting the library, playing hours of Boggle, making smoothies... Today Sarah attended a Tea party/birthday party held at the school librarians house no less - she is so cool! While she was gone Natasha, Mira & I took a nice long walk around the neighborhood, listening to the birds and looking for those little signs of spring which will likely be covered by snow again in the next few days.
I've also been busy scrapping, incredibly inspired by Scarlet Limes March Kit (sorry Missy, I am NOT sharing this one! But I may order the mini kit for your birthday if you are nice to me LOL!)
Here are two pages I've been meaning to do since last summer, but have been stuck on until now.

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Melissa said...

These layouts are soooooo are so cute! Great job!