Monday, February 2, 2009

Skate Lessons!

I think everyone is healthy again. Phew!
The girls start skate lessons tonight. Only 4 Mondays, but at the outside rink downtown. Sarah has really improved. She skated much of the afternoon on Saturday and hardly touched the side rails. They are definately ready for a basic skills class. Mira and I will be hanging out in the warming house with hot chocolate :heart:

My Valentines and Organizing classes have started.
I am having fun making valentines both from Wilna's class and ideas of my own for some special people. Exciting to log in for this mornings project and see that my name had been drawn as today's winner of the CD of all the class projects. Perfect! I will be saving the PDF's to my harddrive, but I had hoped to keep all my class materials on my mini laptop. No need to print instructions as I can move the mini to my work area, etc. etc. Except you see, my dear little mini laptop has been shipped off for a new battery/charge cord/misconnection somewhere and I won't have it back for about 2 weeks. sniff sniff.

I have a playdate scheduled with my good friend Thursday morning to work on School Valentines. We haven't managed to get together to talk since November. Or was it October? Too long to just pass in the school and church halls :).

And OH am I in the mood to organize. Laugh! Right now I am working on finishing up unfinished projects from the closets:) Feels great!

Mira is not so patiently waiting to do more painting with me. Bye!

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Missy said...

Wow! Skating lessons. I am so jealous. It's already back up into the 50's here. Have a good time.