Saturday, February 28, 2009

As promised, ATC Photos

I must apologize for the quality of the photos, being February it was another greyish day, and using flash just made things worse, so things are a little blurry. Each girl decided to use different mediums and went about creating their own way. Natasha choose drawing and pencils. If you look closely, each card shows a different view of the same city of her creation.Her fun envelopes...Sarah chose watercolors with a variety of themes, making a city view to keep for herself. She had a blast experimenting with various themes, and declined to add anything 3-D.In the next two photos the top rows are the cards and the bottom rows are the envelopes she painted to match each card. Can you spot the fairy in the first photo and the girl in the second photo?
Mira also chose to use watercolors, followed by dark colored pencils. Here she is using watered down Diamond Glaze to glue bits of colored tissue paper over all, chosing the colors, number of layers and cutting the shapes all by herself. She wanted her envelopes to remain white.

Mira's finished Artist Trading Cards, in clockwise order starting from top right: Firefly, Earth, Blue River, Rain (briefly named New York before she decided differently) and Flower.We'll definately be on the lookout for other Kid Trading cards swaps. Now comes the hard part - waiting to see what arrives in the mail from their paired artists! In the meantime, we'll be admiring everyones work at the Kids Artists Trading Card Swap pool at flikr.

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Amanda said...

Those are gorgeous!! Please pass along my applaud to all of your little artists! Hope they're delighted with what they get in the mail... :)