Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Breakfast with your Sweetheart

at preschool. Lovely. Mira was a bit bewildered at first - having breakfast at preschool? But she adapted - handed out her Valentines, grabed a muffin and banana, exclaimed over the decorations... and then we played and played. And we get to do it all again on Thursday :).

This weekend it was time to excavate the girls room. Again. So Saturday we worked on taking EVERYTHING out except the furniture. About halfway through the afternoon I decided this was an insane idea and if I was going to all this trouble (and what turned out to be DAYS of sniffles due to the accumulation of dust, nevermind my dining room is still piled with magazines, books, stuffed animals, lost puzzle pieces, hair thingies and piles of mixed up card games and who knows what else), we may as well switch rooms now, because I will NOT repeat this exercise for at least two years. Didn't tell the girls until almost bedtime, when Natasha said she would go make up her bed with the clean sheets and I told her it wasn't her bed anymore. Screams of pure joy erupted, and Sarah soon caught the meaning. So now Sarah is delighted to have the top bunk, the crib is gone and Mira sleeps on the bottom bunk in Sarah's room, and Natasha FINALLY has her own room. Apparently being the only child for 3 1/2 years didn't count? Mira has had a bit of a time adjusting, looking for her socks in the dresser that now holds Natasha's clothes, looking in the old closet for her puzzles, but she loves her bed, and loves being in the same room as the dress-up box, tea sets, play table, etc. etc.

I've had fun buying a few accessories for Natasha's room - new comfortor, adding fabric to an old bulletin board and painting it's frame and a wooden bowl (for her hair things) turquoise, hanging some of her framed art pieces... but now I have to get back to reality. It would be nice to have Valentines Dinner AT the table, instead of the living room floor... wish me luck! MJ

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