Sunday, February 24, 2008

A croppin' good time

Yes, I did get to scrap with my good friend Karen yesterday! We both accomplished alot, and a little shopping too. Honest, I didn't overspend as is easy to do when cropping, used mostly what I brought with. That alone is laughable, as I had photos and sketches ready for 30 layouts, plus another 10 for the Hawaii vacation album ready to go. The laughable part comes in when you realize I typically accomplish 4, maybe 5 pages when cropping with friends, so I was happy to have completed 5.75 yesterday!

Gotta have options though. And when with friends, it's as important to enjoy them too ~ and the adult conversation, or even peaceful silence uninterrupted by little girls, while you can. Need to schedule a time to go scrap in her city now!

That said, I think I had better go pay attention to my little girls. Need to go shop for a first communion dress for my middl echild too. How on earth did she become old enough for that anyway?

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