Monday, February 18, 2008

The spirit blows where it will...

Just a little reminder from church yesterday. I have definately been on a spiritual journey these past few years, growing in Gods love and this sentance, statement, truth, really spoke to me.

It's still frozen here - if it weren't for the snow I'd be ready to call Uncle on winter. So much for the blizzard warning yesterday, we received just a few inches, but enough to keep me happy. Saturday's rain is now frozen in bumpy ridges on the streets between slick spots, makes for interesting driving. Ms.-must -be-teething Mira & I will be staying home today, doing some bits of work & volunteer rounding up I need to do. Hoping to paint as well - I had so much fun last night painting a bit of Prima Paintable cardstock that I decided to paint my chipboard and a few other elements as well. Didn't get to put it together as that's exactly when Mira decided to wake up and whine, cry, refuse to be cuddled even though she absolutely HAD to be ON me. Not really even sure she was awake, but I'll post the page when I'm finished.

Was also excited to see a little line called Mira, bright and vibrant, just like my Mira! Of course now I can't figure out where I saw it yesterday, nor remember the company (the one I thought it was has no info). ARGH! Well, when I find it, I'll post it, ok? Great :).

Have a beautiful day.

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