Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day. Happy Happy.

All my Valentines are finished - some handed out, some patiently waiting, hidden for dinnertime. I can't wait!

It was SO much fun when my Dh found his first card by his alarm clock this morning. And then one in the medicine cabinet, one by the kitchen sink (sweet man cooked last night when I was under the weather, then did the dishes this morning). Then he found a few more - he was starting to wonder whether he'd find any in his office, but alas, I didn't manage to find a way to hide any there. Tonight I am giving him a movie we watched on our first Valentines together, 20 years ago.

He gave me Calla Lilies this morning - so very pretty. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I have to carry them with me everywhere I go, a la Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail, as my cat Horatio apparently thinks Callas are for eating!

Going to have lunch with my little sweetheart, then off to help with the bigger sweethearts Class parties. Have a pink day :)

hearts, Michelle

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