Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spring cleaning begun early.

It all started back when we excavated the girls room. Oh, their rooms still look wonderful. Amazing - I think it must be some sort of record and I am SO enjoying being able to walk across the rug without injuring myself on little toys, and to actually sit with Mira to play a game there. Lovely.

And really, the main house itself doesn't look too cluttered as long as I keep the carpet vacuumed and the toys get picked up every once in a while - just a pile on the stairs here, next to my end table there, on the husbands dresser, a pile of school papers that needs to be sorted through. Maybe the mail table - though today that is clean, with just a few magazines in the basket. Hmmm. I should have someone over for coffee, just so I can show off the clean entryway! But when you start looking at the whole picture, and include:
  • a few junk drawers
  • a basement full of toys, old files, Discovery Toys from my past business venture
  • an attic full of the girls old clothes
  • my desk (and on top, and under - well, that's it's own little catastrophe)
  • a small box or two of toys and tiny bits from the girls room that i am still trying to sift through...

Well, it's a big job. Yes, it's quite doable, and since we've been getting better at throwing things out over the past few years, it could be worse. But no matter how much you try to handle things just once, you still end up having to make little piles to take elsewhere to file or throw/give away, etc. etc. Don't even ask about the growing pile of too-small girls clothing in the corner of my room. I will get to those soon - put them away, pull out things Sarah & Mira have grown into, make a huge box ready for Goodwill. I have to - otherwise there's no getting into the attic for the Easter baskets! Already today I have cleaned the two fridge bulletin boards of old school notices and papers no longer needed. Having that fresh organized space makes me want to go sort something else - and I will, until Mira decides otherwise.

We need to make a few dozen cookies for a church dinner, (and the girls she says), decorate some of our own Easter Decorations, and after school we will finally go shopping for Easter dresses.

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